Mo-Sys Lambda Head

Mo-sys Lambda 2/3 axis remote head
Payload 110 lbs ( 50 kg )
Weight 62 lbs ( 28 kg )

The Lambda has zero backlash. As a result, there is no ramping-up to overcome the backlash and therefore, no latency. Its specially designed gears are totally reliable and robust, and can be used in extreme temperatures. The slip-ring technology allows continuous multi-turn 360° rotation on all axes without the worry of cable wraps.

The Lambda was originally designed for motion Control and offers a very high-precision operation. It is accurate to a millionth of a full rotation, or a 3000th of a degree. When it comes to live operation the Lambda is the only one that currently has a motion control feature. The gears are also strong enough to cope with out-of-balance cameras, and with a payload of up to 110 lbs (50kg) are capable of moving the heaviest cameras with a Feather-like touch.

The head can even handle 3D-stereoscopic mirror rigs. Another strong point of the Lambda is its modularity. A two-axis head can be effortlessly upgraded to a three-axis model with a 360° roll axis. In addition, gyro stabilization can be added. With the modularity come three stages of operational sophistication. The first is for basic control. The second level is for motion control while the third is assigned to gyro stabilization. The more involved features are disabled in the first level to avoid confusion and aid in standard day to day production.