Pro Arm

Our Pro Arm is a highly crafted easy to assemble fixed jib arm that can reach up to 15’ from the fulcrum when fully built. The pro arm can be built in 3’ sections and all the sections are interchangeable making it extremely fast and easy to build. With its multiple configurations, it’s ability to switch between
under slung and over slung modes in just minutes makes it the perfect tool for the run of a show. Coupled with a two axis non-stabilized head you will always have production value at your fingertips. The Pro Arm is also weather proof making it the perfect modular arm for all conditions

Specs 3-1 ratio
Max over all length: 21’
Max reach: 15’
Max payload load ( head & camera ): 120lbs
Max weight at Max Arm length with all the leads: 563lbs
Max weight at Max Arm length fully loaded with 120lb package: 683lbs
4- 3’ & 1- 2’ stabilizing rods: 3lbs each
4-3’-Sections: 21lbs each
1-2’ section: 15lbs
2- Pivot assembles: 9lbs each
Individual lead weights: 23lbs x 15 total leads
Bucket weight: 31lbs
Nose weight: 13lbs
Fulcrum/ Yoke assembly: 40lbs