The Rover base is an all terrain four wheel drive electric vehicle that can take our cranes into most environments with ease. It’s ability to switch between conventional steering and crab makes placement quick and effortless. The Rovers silent running motor and small footprint of just 10’9” long and 5’6” wide is ideal for set work in any environment. The rover base has hydraulic leveling jacks for the chassis and a self-leveling hydraulic post for the arm, the rover can also supply power to the crane while moving between shots, this facilitates quick set up time helping to insure the best use of set time.

The rover maximizes your use of any of our cranes allowing you to move efficiently and safely between set ups without the loss of time and man power.

Length: 10’ 9”
Width: 5’5”
Ground clearance: 9”
Chassis Weight w/out the arm: 5,600 Lbs
Over head clearance with the 35/45: 7’ 9”
Chassis with 35/45 arm unloaded: 6,841 lbs
Chassis with 35/45 arm fully loaded with 120lb camera package: 7,470lbs
Chassis with 50’ arm unloaded: 7,650 lbs
Chassis with 50’ arm fully loaded with 120lb camera package: 10,195 lbs
Over head clearance with the 50’ arm: 8’