SuperTechno 22′

The award-winning SuperTechnocranes are the benchmark for telescopic and articulating crane systems. The SuperTechno 22’ features a telescopic arm that allows the camera to extend its reach without the need for dolly track. Plus, filmmakers appreciate the SuperTechnocrane’s versatility in smaller spaces when arm length and lens height are not negotiable. Another advantage of this telescopic crane is it can be equipped with the heaviest cameras with a max nose load of up to 185 pounds.

The maximum lens height for an underslung mount is 22’, and 24’ when overslung. The SuperTechno 22’ crane offers a telescopic range of 16’10”, that is capable of extending and retracting as fast as 6’6” per second. This allows for precision and smooth shots that require complex camera movement.

The base of the SuperTechno 22 is 4’6” wide with a minimum clearance height of 6’5”, meaning that it can fit through most standard double door entrances and garage loading doors.

Operators often use a stabilized two or three-axis remote head to get the most out of their SuperTechno 22’ crane. camera operators appreciate the smooth movement and easy-to-use control options using handwheels, joystick, or pan bar.