Moviebird 17’

The MB17 telescopic camera crane is the first crane to have the state-of-the-art patented safety belt transmission system (as opposed to the cable drive system) also each section is guided by linear bearings thus offering a crane that has the smoothest movement.

The MB17 is the lightest and easiest telescoping crane to dismantle and reassemble making it ideal for use on small and large sound stages, also because of its rigidity it is perfect for use on a tracking vehicle. At the customers requests are additional features available such as an over slung 3’3”feet (1 m) extension and a rain cover that does not restrict the cranes operation. Our 17’ arm comes on a chassis that will go through standard 31.5”

Max payload: 176 lbs / 80kg
Arm weight: 400 lbs / 180kg
Max arm speed: 3.9ft/s (1.2 m/s )
Max lens height over slung: 22’.6” (6.9m)
Max lens height under slung: 19’.4” (5.9m)
One counterweight: 35.3 lbs / 16kg
Crane weight including basic counterweight load: 1675 lbs / 760 kg