Talon Head

VZCINEMAPRO-K1 Cinema Pro Remote Head w/ Hand Wheels & Console
The talon head is a extremely stable and dynamic two axis non-stabilized remote head with true motion control capability and parameters. Utilizing powerful but quiet drivetrains and full slip rings, the Talon head is capable of very smooth and precise tracking movement.

The Talon Head is extremely reliable, easy to operate, and capable of imperceptibly slow or extremely fast moves with the hand wheels and for broadcast environments the talon head has a joystick, and focus and zoom capabilities.

• Joystick control for Pan/Tilt/Zoom, separate Knob for Focus
• Record and move to up to 2000 marked positions
• Record and playback 1 hour and up to 2000 takes
• Share recorded data w/ laptop: upload/download
• Programmable max. speeds for individual motors
• Programmable smoothing controls for each motor
• Precise homing control via pushbutton commands
• 2500′ max std extension, longer w/ fiber optic option
• Wireless Option available
• Programmable motion limits for both pan & tilt
• Servo tuning available at Full Function Remote
• Fuji/Canon/Preston serial & analog lens control
• Zoom Compensation for smooth moves at telephoto
• Camera sync. feature for frame-accurate shots
• Advanced Intervalometer provides 3 modes for stretching moves in time
• Extremely rigid for smooth motion @ telephoto
• Full slip rings for continuous 360 degree motion

The Advanced Controller, aka ‘Full Function Remote,’ is the brains of the system that contains all the parametric motion control and recording capabilities, as well as an LCD readout, connector panel, pan/tilt joystick, and zoom/focus controls. The Advanced Controller can be used stand-alone for desktop/tripod operations or paired with optional Control Input Units such as the hand wheels or pan bars.

Weight: 90 lbs
Dimensions: 33 x 21 x 16 in
UPC: 877038008014
Height: 19.5″
Width: 12″
Depth: 6″
Weight: 21 lbs
Camera weight: 50lbs

Camera clearance:
Vertical – Camera pointing straight down/up: 11″ from center of cam plate to base.
Horizontal – Camera pointing level horizon underslung: 15.5″ min / 17.5″ max.
With 2″ head extension: Vertical 13″, Horizontal 17.5″ min / 19.5″ max.
With 5″ head extension: Vertical 16″, Horizontal 20.5″ min / 22.5″ max

Pan/Tilt speed: Up to 210 degrees/second
Mechanical travel: Unlimited rotation for each axis
Power Requirements: 24VDC regulated, 10A max, absolute min/max 20VDC-30VDC