The Preston FI+Z3 Hand Unit 3 (HU3) is the industry standard focus control. Its advanced technology empowers the focus puller with a completely new set of tools to get tougher shots in fewer takes. Lens mapping eliminates the need to mark rings for each lens, greatly reducing prep time and standardizing all focus throws to five pre-printed rings, organized by close focus distance.

Wireless hand control for Focus and Iris channels
Micro Force attachment allows for wireless zoom control
2.4 GHz wireless communication system with 60 wireless channels
Lens mapping feature maps the focus distances of any lens to a set of five pre-printed marking rings
Controls Light Ranger 2 and camera functions remotely
Channels Focus, Iris, Zoom (with Micro Force attached), AUX (with MDR-3)
Dimensions 7.2in x 7.6in x 3.3in
Display OLED
Frequency Band 2.4 GHz
Input Voltage 7-9VDC (battery), 10-30VDC (command cable)
Maximum Current Draw 0.2A (at 8V)
Operating Temperature 0F to 122F
Weight 40.2oz (1.14kg)
Wireless Channels 60
Wireless Range 300m (line of sight)