Moviebird 50’

The 50’ Moviebird has surpassed our expectations in it’s ability to deliver 50’ of silent stable extension and at full retraction is only 9’5” from the fulcrum, all with the same chassis foot print of our 35/45 crane of just 5’4” long x 4’9” wide with our pneumatics wheels and just 3’5” wide with our studio wheels.
When a compound move is needed our 50’ cranes roll right onto our track as well with the convenience of the track wheels already mounted on the chassis.

The 50’ Moviebird has 38’ 4” (11.7m) of telescoping range giving you a full 50’ feet of reach with a bucket that is 2’ 7” shorter then a super techno allowing the 50’ Moviebird to work in tight locations all with supplying the maximum reach and height you may need and like all Moviebird cranes the 50’ also has electric end stops insuring safe accurate camera moves. Our 50’ crane can also be mounted on our Rover electric mobile base for ease of moving the crane for multiple set ups.