SuperTechno 15′

The SuperTechno 15’ crane is a small telescopic camera crane ideal for tight locations, crowded sets, or confined spaces. The compact design provides a maximum lens height of 17’ overslung, with a telescoping range of 9’5”, extending and retracting as fast as 2’4” per second.

The base width is 2’7” with a minimum height clearance of 5’8”, allowing it to easily fit through most doorways and travel through hallways. The base weighs a mere 148 pounds, and the arm weighs a total of 287 pounds, yet the arm can still handle an underslung payload of up to 80 pounds. The overall arm length when extended is 19’3”. The SuperTechno 15’ crane saves time with easy assembly and take-down without sacrificing camera payload capabilities. This crane supports most 3D rigs, remote heads, and camera packages.