Moviebird 35/45’

Our moviebird 35/45 telescoping crane is our most sought after crane. It is called a 35/45 because of it’s ability to go from the 35’ mode to it’s 45’ mode in just minutes upon request, giving you an extra 10’ of reach.

The 35/45 is our most versatile crane with it’s ability to have a 45’ reach when needed, it can also retract to just 8’ from the fulcrum in the 35’ mode. This Ideal crane has electric end stops on both the extension and retraction for safe operating when a critical shot is necessary. The 35/45 can be over slung as well
as under slung and the chassis has a small foot print of 5’4” long x 4’9” wide with our pneumatics wheels and just 3’5” wide with our studio wheels. When a compound move is needed our 35/45’ cranes roll right onto our track with the convenience of the track wheels already mounted on the chassis. It can also be
easily mounted on an insert camera car, or our Rover electric mobile base. These features make the 35/45 suitable for both location and studio work.